Pictures Gallery

2015 - Canoeing in the Ebro River (Mora d'Ebre, Catalonia, Spain) (courtesy of David Mateu)
2015 - Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science Association Conferece (London)
2015 - IRTA's Aquatic Ecosystems Program Team (Sant Carles de Ràpita, Catalonia, Spain)

2016 - Thesis defense (Tortosa, Catalonia, Spain)
2016 - Thesis defense lunch with my PhD supervisors (Rosa, Carles and Manola) and the thesis committee (Manel, Santi and Gerhard)
2016 - Conference of the Iberian Association of Limnology (AIL) (Tortosa, Catalonia, Spain)

2016 - YOGA activity during the AIL conference with IRTA colleagues (Tortosa, Catalonia, Spain)
2016 - Seminar in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln presenting my thesis research (courtesy of Sabrina Brown)
2016 - Holmes Lake (Lincoln, Nebraska, USA)